Becoming A Secret Agent

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At some point in a child’s life, they will be asked what they want to be when they grow up. Some of them dream of being a spy or secret agent. They think it is cool to take down the bad guys without them knowing who they are. Once they grow up, they learn all about what it means to be one. Here are three things to know before becoming a secret agent.   

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If you want to be an undercover agent, you will need to go to school for it. Depending on what avenue of undercover work you want to be in, there are several courses you can take. Some colleges only offer a few classes, while others have four-year courses you can register for. Some agencies will allow you to begin working while still in school, but most want to see your education certification when you apply.




As an agent, you will need to have multiple different personality traits. You will be in all types of situations that require you to blend in with whatever is happening. It may be necessary for you to dress in undercover clothes and become someone you are not. Acting is an important part of being undercover. You need to effortlessly fit into your surroundings. While placing yourself in the middle of something, you still should be alert and looking for clues regarding the investigation.




Different training academies exist to give you a better understanding of what you will be doing in real-life situations. It is easy to learn from reading books and listening to lectures, but things are not always the same when they are happening. You may be required to go through training camps and exercises throughout your career, but they have been created to keep you up to date with the current laws and procedures. You will never be able to learn too much information about being an agent.


Being a secret agent is an important, sometimes dangerous, job. It can be exciting, and it offers kids the chance to live out their childhood dream.