From Ananya Panday To Janhvi Kapoor, Shorts Are A Casual Fashion Favourite

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From Ananya Panday To Janhvi Kapoor, Shorts Are A Casual Fashion Favourite

Make like Ananya Panday and Janhvi Kapoor and turn this into shorts season

Regardless if autumn is predicted to be merely weeks away, it still feels like the middle of summer. We’re talking high temperatures and sticky humidity that could rival a hot day in the month of may. As much as we’re dreaming about layering in scarves and boots for the winter to come, the sweltering climate is a snap back to reality. Like the rest of us, if you’re wondering how to deal with it, Bollywood has let us in on their simple style solution. We won’t keep you hanging for too long; they are called shorts.

Now they may not be a hushed secret of any kind but they certainly can be hella stylish. The proof was seen in Ananya Panday and Janhvi Kapoor’s recent looks.


Janhvi Kapoor with Kartik Aryan at the airport

Janhvi Kapoor was spotted at the airport with Kartik Aryan wearing a yellow t-shirt, denim jacket and red sliders with her mini denim cutoffs.


Ananya Panday was spotted in the city

Ananya Panday was seen in the city sporting a cropped graphic t-shirt with matching shorts and sneakers for an all-white look on a casual day out.

Both of the young Bollywood celebrities chose denim shorts in different washes for their casual looks and wore them with ease. We can see exactly why they would. They’re a great option when the mercury is rising and also makes for a comfortable choice, whether with a t-shirt and sneakers or blazer and heels if you’re feeling fancy. If that’s all the convincing you need to slip into a pair yourself, let us show you the way.