Coimbatore Startup Comes Up With Plastic-Free Sanitary Pads

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Two fashion technology graduates from Coimbatore claim their plastic-free sanitary pads will fully decompose in eight months against the conventional plastic-mixed pads which could take upto 800 years.

The two graduates, Gowtham S and Niveda R, who were classmates while doing  B Tech in Fashion Technology and Apparel Technology, discovered Kanaf fabric has good absorption and natural anti-microbial properties while doing a project as part of their course.

“We saw an opportunity in this to make sanitary pads without plastic and solve a major problem. When Bureau of Indian Standards certified it just happened,” said Gowtham.

They went on to form “Bliss Natural” which now manufactures plastic-free pads.

“Plastic in sanitary pads alone accounts for 1.13 lakh tonnes in India every year. We want to give a solution for this. Also, we found sixty percent women aren’t happy with conventional pads with plastic feel, itching and odour,” said Niveda.

The pad has seven layers including a layer of Kanef which acts as a good absorbent. Kanef, they say, is available in plenty.