How To Safely Conceal Your Gun

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If you are a woman with a concealed carry permit, you may be wondering what the options are for safely keeping your gun on your person. There’s no need to wear long, baggy jackets to hide your gun, as there are a variety of fashionable, practical and safe options available. Here are three different concealed carry options for women.

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The type of clothing designed to hold your gun includes everything from tank tops to leggings to shorts. A popular option for women is to slip the weapon into a cleverly designed pocket under the left armpit. This will keep it snug to your body and within easy reach at the same time. Belly or thigh corsets are other good choices.


There’s no need to stuff your gun into the bottom of a bulky bag for lack of a better option. Plenty of bags are designed with concealed carry in mind and include a pocket to slip the gun into for easy access. If you carry a bigger purse to begin with, then choosing one that will allow you to concealed carry is a good investment.


If you are planning to wear a jacket or prefer a more traditional way to carry, a holster may be the best choice. Women’s holsters are typically designed to be slim but secure, allowing for a subtle fit without compromising practicality. It may take a few tries to find a system that works best for you, but with a good holster you won’t feel like everyone is staring at you.

No matter how you choose to conceal carry your gun, be sure to keep safety at the forefront. The gun should always be secure to your person, and the trigger guard should be protected. Do some experimenting to find what works best for your body and lifestyle.