Take Notes From Janhvi Kapoor And Bring Out Your Jeans And Shirts

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Take Notes From Janhvi Kapoor And Bring Out Your Jeans And Shirts

You can’t go wrong with a casual shirt and jeans on a day out like Janhvi Kapoor

We’re in the throes of an October heat wave. That means dry breeze, scorching sun and plenty of perspiration. To cope with the sweltering, almost uncomfortable heat, it can feel like style must take backseat. After all, who can focus on sparkling accessories and high heeled footwear when one can barely stop themselves from breaking into a sweat! Even if fashion doesn’t have all your attention currently, you still have to get dressed and go outside don’t you? On days like those we’re making Janhvi Kapoor our inspiration.


Janhvi Kapoor was spotted in the city

The young Bollywood actress was spotted today wearing a breezy white shirt cuffed up at the arms with a button down front. With it were slim fitted distressed blue jeans. She also threw in a couple of classic accessories like a black Chanel bag and white sneakers along with a large colourful tote in her hand. With her hair loosely tucked behind her ears and a large smile, it was a casual day out for Janhvi. Little did she know that she’d be giving us style goals for a hot afternoon. The next time you’re stepping out for a light day of work and errands, try these pieces like Janhvi Kapoor.