Three Simple Stylish Ways to Say Thanks at Your Wedding

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Whether you’re planning something small with the help of family and friends or going all out and hiring caterers and coordinators, every wedding is the result of a joint effort. And while you may have an amazing planner who takes care of almost every detail, you’ll still have your fair share of people to thank for their input, help, participation and attendance for making your big day a success. Whether it’s favors for your guests or larger gifts for the most important people in your life, here are three ideas to consider when planning out your wedding day thank you’s.

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Keep it Classy With Gift Baskets

If you want to say thanks with something that always wows, choose executive gift baskets for the most important people involved in your wedding. Gift baskets are always impressive and make the perfect gift for pretty much anyone, from an amazing mistress of ceremonies to the aunt and uncle who agreed to pick up your out of town bridesmaids from the airport. Choose a color and theme that they’ll love for a personalized touch.

Keep it Practical With Useful Products

When it comes to wedding favors, don’t waste your budget on something your guests will just toss later. Instead, thank them for coming by providing a favor that they’ll use every day, like personalized soaps, flashlights, blankets and even seeds. They’ll think of you when they use them and appreciate the thoughtfulness.

Keep it Personal With Photos

The perfect gift for relatives in your wedding party could be centered around photographs. Relive some old memories with your bridesmaids and groomsmen by giving them an album full of your favorite poses with them. Gift a custom canvas print of a beloved engagement or bridal shoot photo to parents. Choose a stunning frame for a grandparent and promise to provide their favorite shot from the wedding once the photos are complete.

No matter how you choose to say thanks, remember to keep it a priority amid the busyness of planning a wedding. Gratitude never goes out of style.