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Jews have been throwing amazing, exciting celebrations for millennia, and your daughter’s bat mitzvah should be no exception. The commemoration of her transition into womanhood is a big deal, so you should know where to begin during the planning process. You want her day to go as smoothly as possible just as badly as she does!

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Guest List


It’s likely that there are going to be a lot of excited relatives who will be eager to be part of the festivities. Start by planning your guest list and deciding just how big this bash will be. It can all get overwhelming very quickly, so hiring a bat mitzvah planner might help save your sanity!


  • Some people opt to only have close friends and family members attend the Temple service. Ask your daughter who the most important people are to her that she would like to be there.
  • You’re excited about her party, but remember to be realistic when you’re considering how many people to invite. That’s food, drinks and alcohol for all in attendance, so count your pennies while you’re counting heads.




Once you’ve decided how many people will be there, it’s time to pick a place to get this party started! Get your daughter involved; does she have a specific location in place? Maybe she would rather have a barbecue than a fancy, catered event.


  • Look at lodges and event halls nearby. Some schools might even offer their gyms if you speak to administration.
  • Local parks will rent out campfire shelters and barbecue pits. If casual is more her style, this might be a better (and cheaper!) option.


This will likely be the biggest part she will have until she gets married, so make your daughter’s bar mitzvah an event to remember. Becoming a woman is no small feat, and her celebration should be worthy of it!