Using Your Wedding Day to Make a Difference for Others


Most girls dream of their wedding day for years, if not decades, and start making plans at a very young age. While you may have spent countless hours fantasizing about the perfect day that’s all about you, you may not have considered the chance you’ll have to communicate with your closest friends and family members about a cause that’s near to your heart. If you have a charity or organization that you’d love to support, your wedding could be the perfect opportunity to make a big difference.

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Partner With a Professional

Even if you’ve decided to hire a wedding planner, it may be wise to also work with fundraising event planners CT. An experienced professional in this realm can offer creative ideas that will work best in your venue and setting. They can also offer guidance on what to avoid to keep the event classy and enjoyable while still achieving some success for your cause.

Ensure Your Guests Won’t Miss It

An information table set off to the side could easily be passed over by your busy guests. Make sure that however you choose to create more awareness, you do so intentionally so that every guest knows about it. Place a note in your program, incorporate it into your favors or have your officiant and DJ make a special announcement. If you really want to make sure your guests take notice, make an announcement yourself! Anything coming from the bride on her wedding day is certain to hold everyone’s attention.

Prepare for Extra Thank You’s

Try to come up with a plan that lets you know who decided to donate their time, money or effort to your chosen charitable organization. Then be sure to extend a special thank you to those who were willing to be unexpectedly generous. You could include something extra in your thank you cards or send a personalized text to show your appreciation.

While it’s important to fill your wedding day with the things that make you the happiest, remember that there is nothing classier or more lovely than caring for others.