75 Colorful Wedding Ideas That’ll Make Your Big Day Pop

Wedding styles

Photo by Cami Jane Photography

We love a classic neutral palette, but the soft trend now has some serious competition in the form of bright, vibrant hues and bold patterns. Colorful wedding ideas may not be a part of the typical wedding scheme, but that’s exactly why we love them—they mark a fun departure from ubiquitous delicate tones and will wow your guests with their splashy stand-out shades.

There are a few approaches you can take when it comes to colorful wedding ideas and a vibrant scheme: Choose one or two colors to really pop against an otherwise achromatic palette, mix a few shades in a similar color family for a consistent look, or go all out with a rainbow of colors to bring your decor to life. Don’t be afraid to mix and match or contrast—unexpected combinations can turn into the most unique and personal touch of the day. Rich jewel tones of marigolds, plum, and teal put a spin on colorful wedding ideas for an autumn wedding, while jade green, sunny yellow, and cobalt blue bring a punch to modern tropical nuptials. And of course, Pantone’s color of the year, living coral, is always a safe bet for a splash of fun.

Having a multicolored palette can inspire a whole new style for your wedding that you may not have otherwise—Spanish-inspired details, eclectic bohemian vibes, whimsical Moroccan settings, Palm Springs paradise creations… But if want to forgo a theme in favor of a subtle vibe, you can still work these colorful wedding ideas into a contemporary or romantic setting by balancing them with more neutral elements. Florals always do the trick here, such as a garland of vivid orange and yellow blooms wrapped around a golden altar arch or a lush bouquet of magenta flowers and lilac runner as the centerpiece to a rustic farmer’s table. We also love pops of citrus and fruit accents as a way to playfully bring in color.

These 75 colorful wedding ideas offer up splashes of color that pack a serious punch. Browse them all down below!