Fashion show brings style to student masses

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Fashion show brings style to student masses
Fashion Industries Organization President Brooke Coyner (right) gives a speech alongside Vice President Breanna Reynolds during the 2018 fashion show. This year’s show will be at 7:30 p.m. Saturday in the Duke Ellington Ballroom.

Walking down the runway 7:30 p.m. Saturday in the Duke Ellington Ballroom at the Holmes Student Center is the Kohls-sponsored Nine to Five Fashion Show. The show, presented by the Fashion Merchandising department and produced by the Fashion Industries Organization, will be the accumulation of “a whole academic year of work,” according to MaryAnn Lorenz, Fashion Industries Organization advisor.

Fashion Industries Organization President Brooke Coyner said the theme of Nine to Five will demonstrate how students can look professional in an affordable way. Coyner, a senior fashion merchandising major, has been producing the fashion show since she was a first-year when she was an assistant producer. She then became a co-producer her sophomore year, and finally, a lead producer her junior and senior year.

“This is what I want as a career,” Coyner said.

Coyner said the show can help other fashion majors find career experience by immersing students in the roles that come with a large fashion show.

Fashion Industries Organization Vice President Breanna Reynolds, who is also acting as co producer of the show, said many students have been working on the aspects of decorating, promoting and styling along with students from Tricoci University who came to the show to do hair and makeup.

“The show gives students an in depth look at the industry from conception to distribution and the ability to become immersed in the field,” Lorenz said.

Lorenz said the event will display the talents of many students who have worked hours to bring the show together. Many models have volunteered to display the clothing supplied by Kohls, 2070 Sycamore Road. Reynolds said the amount of models volunteering has been the most in several years.

“These models are committed and enthusiastic. We wouldn’t be able to to it without their help,” Reynolds said.

Lorenz said finding these models wasn’t easy with auditions occuring at the beginning of 2019 and several being pushed back due to poor weather. Three last minute auditions had to be held due to the past winter.

Members of the Fashion Industries Organization have been working hard to bring the show together from the very beginning with Coyner saying that together, members came up with the theme, color palette and outfit orders to name a few.

Besides providing funds for the show, Kohls has also donated money to provide scholarships which will be announced after the show. According to Lorenz, the top two projects will receive scholarship rewards of $1200 and $800.

According to Reynolds, the event is expected to have a large turnout with 350 seats total along with standing room to accommodate more guests.

“Seeing how it all looks and everyone doing a great job makes the hard work all worth it,” Lorenz said.