Bored of Thick Woollens? How About Trying Some Suede Coats This Winter?

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Bored of Thick Woollens? How About Trying Some Suede Coats This Winter?

If you are looking for new things to try out this winter, suede coats and jackets should surely make it to the top of your list. A little hard to maintain, but something which looks royally classy, a suede coat can go a long way when it comes to keeping you warm in a very fashionable way. And if you are wondering where to find one, we have got your back. You might want to own just one, or two, but there are quite a few designs to choose from online. We have curated a few for your perusal. These pieces are sure to be the standout pieces in your wardrobe.

Want to go simple? Go for this WQ & Energy belted faux suede knee-length coat. Available in three other colours, but this grey coat will go with a lot of your outfits. We love how effortlessly elegant the coat looks.


If an elegant coat doesn’t match your sensibility and if you are a little more on the rad side, go for this biker jacket in suede. Belted at the waist and with a zipper down the front, the olive green jacket will give your leather jacket a run for its money.


As plaid is almost a must-have in winter, another piece we absolutely loved is this VaeJY faux suede plaid double breasted trench coat. It is sleek, elegant, and looks quite classy. Pair this with a nice dress and boots for the complete look.


Suede plaid jacket

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