Here’s How To Wear A Statement Slogan Tee Like Karisma Kapoor

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Here's How To Wear A Statement Slogan Tee Like Karisma Kapoor

Slogan t-shirts have been around for a very long time. What was once just a fun trend is now a full fledged way to express your ideas, views, thoughts, emotions, and feelings. A Harry Potter fan? Get a ‘Mischief Managed’ tee. If you are a fan of Game Of Thrones, get a ‘Winter Is Coming’ tee. But now, talking about sending across messages that matter, let us take a lesson from Karisma Kapoor, shall we? Wearing a slogan tee which said ‘woman – noun – property of no one’ in a dictionary format. Do it love it or do we love it? Gets the message across quite well, eh?

Now if you want to get some bold messages across yourself, here are a few tees you can think of buying. Ladies, if you want to wear something that says exactly what Karisma’s tee does, this Bon Organik tee is for you. You will get the message across as boldly as Karisma did.

Another lovely tee that we think will look great in any women’s collection is this Noirde ‘Fight Like A Girl’ t-shirt. This white statement tee will look great with any solid coloured denims.

This O Womania white cotton round neck tees will also be a great addition to your collection. Speaks for itself, this one. And if you want to send the message across in a very simple way, this Digital Dress Room cotton tee shirt is for you. Bold way to wear your heart on your tee, eh?

Which one will you rock?