4 Dresses That Are Perfect To Wear To Work

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4 Dresses That Are Perfect To Wear To Work

We all love wearing easy-breezy and chic dresses; but when it comes to going for work, we often feel the need to tuck them away into our wardrobes and opt for something that we think is more formal or appropriate. Here’s the thing, though – dresses can be just as formal and appropriate for office as they can be for everyday use. There’s no need to write them off as office wear just because you haven’t found the right ones yet. We’ve selected a few dresses that you will truly enjoy wearing even to work. It’s time to feel comfortable in your flowing dresses and look just as chic at office as you would anywhere else.

1. Printed Midi-Dress

This multi-coloured printed midi-dress from Marie Claire is hard to go wrong with. Thanks to its length, banded collar and three quarter sleeves, it’s perfect as an everyday office outfit or even for a formal meeting. It is priced at Rs 919.

2. Floral Belted Dress

We love this belted, monochrome floral dress from Arrow. It’s fit and flare silhouette make it a super chic and fun number, while it’s length and neckline make it look formal. It is priced at Rs 749.

3. Midi-Shirt Dress

There’s no better number than this powder blue midi-dress from Miss Chase to make a sophisticated appearance at work. With a belted bow detail around the waist, this shirt dress is the perfect balance of dressy and casual. It is priced at Rs 819.

4. Hooded Dress

With the air becoming cooler by the day, something warm and cozy yet trendy is definitely the need of the hour. If your office doesn’t have a strict dress code, this hooded dress from Miss Chase is perfect. Priced at Rs 742, it is fashionable and cool without being inappropriate.

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