Alia Bhatt’s Trick To Making Basic Outfits Special – Just Add Big Sunglasses

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Alia Bhatt's Trick To Making Basic Outfits Special - Just Add Big Sunglasses

There’s just no denying Alia Bhatt’s prowess as an actor, yes, but also as a leading star in the field of fashion. Alia Bhatt has a way of impressing the audiences with her inherent talent for acting on-screen, but she has also managed to impress her fans with her sense of fashion, which seems to be equal parts glamorous and relatable. Alia’s sartorial choices seem to ooze real-girl appeal with a hint of superstar oomph. The Raazi star somehow manages to make even a pair of jeans and a t-shirt look chic. Add to that a pair of what seems like Alia’s favourite accessory, and you always have an ensemble that shouts ‘superstar’. So what is this accessory that Alia seems to love and that seems to love Alia right back? Oversized sunglasses, that’s what.

Whether walking in and out of an airport, out of a gym after a workout or just a fun lunch with friends, the wearer of oversized sunglasses somehow always manages to channel superstar vibes. In Alia Bhatt’s case, it helps that she already is such a huge celebrity.

Yesterday after a salon session in Mumbai, Alia was spotted wearing a pair of black oversized shades with a round frame. She opted to wear loose fitted pants, a plain white t-shirt and a pair of pink slides to go with this pair of sunglasses.

A day earlier, Alia was spotted in Mumbai wearing a pair of oversized embellished sunglasses. Wait, let us rephrase that – silver, oversized, embellished reflectors. This pair of fabulous sunglasses was teamed with an outfit that was just as cool. Alia wore a pair of flared jeans and a white and blue printed t-shirt.

Later on in the same day, Alia was spotted once again in a different outfit and a different pair of oversized shades. These ones were a classic black with a round frame. Alia chose to wear an all black outfit with this pair.

Some time back, Alia was spotted at Mumbai airport, and sure enough, she was wearing a pair of oversized glasses. Her black tinted glasses were paired with a comfortable sweatshirt and ripped black jeans.

This accessory isn’t something Alia forgets to carry on her travels. While on holiday with her best friend, Alia shared a picture of them together in which she was, once again, wearing a fun pair of oversized sunglasses. These ones were round and gold and went perfectly with her denim jacket.

Oversized sunglasses might be the perfect autumn/winter accessory. Do you agree? Let us know in the comments section below.