Alia Bhatt Just Dropped A Fashion Truth We Can Totally Relate To

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Alia Bhatt Just Dropped A Fashion Truth We Can Totally Relate To

Alia Bhatt knows her fashion well. No, we don’t just mean that she knows what to wear and how, she also knows the power of what good clothes can do. What is one of the many things that makes a dull day better? A nicely put together outfit. Not only does it make us feel more confident and good about ourselves, it also makes us look forward to our day. Alia Bhatt’s latest Instagram post corroborates just that fact, and will make almost all of us go “YAS!”. In London right now, Alia seems to be playing up the fashion game in a black and white top with a quirky twist to it – a frill across the front. But not just the outfit, it is the caption that has us nodding in approval. “I am nicer when I like my outfit,” Alia captioned her picture.

Anyone who has spent time picking out an outfit and then styling it to make it just right for the day knows this fact to be an absolute truth. Dressing well is known to affect one’s psyche and self-perception. Many of us can vouch for the fact that we are more confident and feel nicer about ourselves when we dress well, and therefore we are more positive and nicer to others as well. By that logic we are sure Alia feels a lot nicer than many others because we hardly ever see a bad attire on her.

When it comes to making bold statements – whether it is with words, choice of films or clothes – Alia Bhatt knows what she’s doing. From starting her career by playing a fashionable diva in Student of The Year, Alia moved on to some serious characters. But fashion remains a huge part of what she does. From airport looks, to wedding function lehengas, to casual date night outfits – no matter what she wears, she manages to rock. Not only does Alia rock her outfits, she also sets some serious style goals for us.

Now we know that dressing well is not just about looking good for the actress, it is also about feeling good. Point noted, Alia.