Lakme Fashion Week 2018: Style Advice From Rhea Chakraborty, Showstopper For Urvashi Joneja

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Lakme Fashion Week 2018: Style Advice From Rhea Chakraborty, Showstopper For Urvashi Joneja

It is time for one of the biggest fashion events of the year – the Lakme Fashion Week 2018 starts today and we can’t contain our excitement. As models and designers gear up for the five day extravaganza, we are gearing up to see some really cool designs and clothes made by some of the biggest names in the Indian fashion industry. One such designer is Urvashi Joneja who will showcase her collection today. We got chatty with actress Rhea Chakraborty before she walks the ramp for Urvashi as the showstopper.

Rhea, it is so nice to have you here. How does it feel to be a showstopper for Lakme Fashion Week. How are you feeling?

I love showstopping, especially when you really like the designer – I am really fond of Urvashi as a person. I love her sense of style and I like what she does with her collection, I think it is different. And when you get to wear that and show-stop for someone like that, it becomes even more exciting. Because it’s LFW, it is prestigious. I really enjoy showstopping because I feel it is a very fun job; you are dressed well, you go on the ramp, walk, smile, get some attention, and go back home.

How does Urvashi’s collection resonate with you?

It breaks the stereotypes of a typical girl and yet keeps the feminine in it. Even Urvashi’s personal style is very different, but you can’t call it tomboyish and can’t categorise it. I really enjoy the way she talks about her collection, and what she puts into it – always has a little bit of an edge. I see that in her collection.

What is your personal style?

It is very out-of-the-bed, very chilled out because we dress up so much for work. For most actors whats ends up happening on off days is loose clothes, baggy jeans, loose crop tops, dungarees are my favourite go-to. Denim and white really works for me. But if I have to go out with my friends, I like a cute dress, maybe add a denim jacket, and wear boots to add that swing.

It is becoming increasingly important, especially in Bollywood, to build a sense of style; to be a style icon. What are your feelings about that?

I feel you are either born stylish or you are not. Because there are a lot of people who try really hard and try following trends and that doesn’t work. Either you can pull it off or you can’t. For me, if I am comfortable in an outfit I’ll own it. If I am not owning it, I’ll not look good whether you dress me up in any brand, it doesn’t matter.

You can wear the most high-fashion designer clothes and look really out of place if you are not comfortable. For me comfort is key and king, and that is how it should be for every girl. Because, I see a lot of girls out there who can’t walk in those high heels. but they will wear them and come out and then they are almost walking like camels. And I am like “Bro! You could have just worn smaller heels, who is saying no?”

What is a complete fashion no-no for you?

Anything over-the-top; something too zataak like big earrings or neck-piece. Too much, I can’t. I am happier being the most underdressed person at the party rather than the overdressed.