The Weather Has Got Nothing On Malaika Arora’s Airport Style

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The Weather Has Got Nothing On Malaika Arora's Airport Style

Another day, another fashionable celebrity making waves at the airport. This time, it’s Malaika Arora. Now Malaika is a Bollywood celebrity who is currently known for 2 things; one, her incredibly fit physique that would put most 20-somethings to shame. And two, her off-duty style. Whether she’s headed for a family dinner or the gym, her outfits always amaze. This time, Malaika was spotted leaving the city for the bit and as per usual, it wasn’t without making the cameras go click. But before you think that this is, yet again about B-towners looking decked up to travel, we’re here to inform you that this airport style spotting was a bit different.

Malaika decided to up her jet-setting style a little more than usual. The celebrity wore a white long sleeve pullover from Moschino with the designer’s signature teddy bear print paired with white skinny jeans.

A classic example of attention to detail was Malaika’s accessories which were in shades of tan and brown to match the Moschino print. She opted for suede over-the-knee heeled boots, brown tinted sunglasses and finally, a beige and tan toned luggage tote by Celine in her hand.

First things first, it’s evident that Malaika looks fantastic. From her white-on-white ensemble to meticulously paired tan accessories, her outfit has been styled marvelously. But practically, does it make much sense? We’re not too sure about that. Mumbai is in the midst of a sticky, humid spell and even considering chilly in-flight conditions, Malaika looks like she’s dressed for a cosy winter night. The long sleeves and boots only drive that fact home.

Oh well, do all celebrity looks have to be sensibly weather-appropriate? Not at all. While Malaika may not have dressed for the city conditions she’s in, she is definitely dressed to impress; humidity be damned. When it comes to Bollywood fashion, it looks like the weather really has nothing to do with it.