We Can Really Get Behind Amyra Dastur’s Comfy Airport Look

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We Can Really Get Behind Amyra Dastur's Comfy Airport Look

It’s safe to say that Bollywood airport fashion is about so much more than travelling. It’s also about setting a trend and looking good when pap’d while jet-setting around the world. Style icon and unrivalled queen of airport fashion Kangana Ranaut knows that all too well and makes every trip a good looking one, usually in chic Indian wear. Following close behind are the likes of Deepika Padukone and Sonam Kapoor, who are also known for their airport looks.

That being said, airport fashion isn’t as straightforward as it seems. Finding the balance between being stylish enough to be snapped by photographers and comfortable enough to be seated for hours is difficult. Far too many times, airport outfits look fantastic to be photographed but with fitted silhouettes and rising hems, seem uncomfortable to actually wear when travelling. Which leads us to a conundrum: can airport fashion actually be stylish and practical? If all the airport fashion you’ve seen in the past hasn’t answered that in the affirmative, Amyra Dastur will.

When returning from London, the actress was spotted at the airport in a stylish travel look. Amyra wore a printed dhoti-style strapped jumpsuit over a grey bustier. With it were metallic sneakers, silver bangles and a necklace with glowing skin and a big smile to boot.

Sure Amyra looked casual chic when exiting the airport but that’s not what we’re here to talk about. A single look is enough to convince you on the comfort factor of Amyra’s airport look. Those airy trousers for ideal movement, straps for ventilation and sneakers for easy walking do the talking. The eclectic print and jewellery add a fun touch without making weighing down on its practicality. Now how’s that for an airport look that’s stylish and refreshing comfortable too? Got to love a girl who can do them both with such ease.