Move Over Heels, Pairing Sneakers With Dresses Is The New Way To Make A Statement

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Move Over Heels, Pairing Sneakers With Dresses Is The New Way To Make A Statement

You would probably laugh if I tell you that it is a too cool a sight to behold when someone pairs sneakers with a traditional or a western outfit, eh? A lot of people scoffed when Anand Ahuja wore sneakers for his wedding reception. But there was also a lot of support that came his way from people who believed it was a trend in making. What is the big deal anyway? Don’t we all deserve a dose of comfortable fashion? Even for women, wearing sneakers and comfortable shoes with a cocktail dress, couture skirt, or a gown doesn’t really have to be aesthetically challenging. There are some looks that can be rocked hard with a pair of sneakers without it ending up looking silly.

Senior Marketing Manager for Skechers India, Soumen Das, and Vijay Pal Singh Johal, Director for the shoe brand Truffle Collection, share ideas on which high-end fashion pieces can be paired with comfy shoes.

Tulle skirts

Move away summer sandals, we are done pairing you with our skirts. What makes a better statement is when you try pairing sneakers with tulle skirt.

Cocktail dress

You may think that the idea is insane but insane is what makes a cut when it comes to fashion. Ditch those high heels, and try a pair of sneakers with that little black dress.


A great (and easy) way to change the formal game at work is to walk into the office wearing a nicely cut suit…with a pair of sneakers. Not only do you look cool, you break the monotonous look of the attire.

Pencil skirts

Pencil skirts take a little bit of adjustment to be worn with confidence. What can make the experience a little more comfortable is wearing sneakers with the skirt. They add a lot of comfort by allowing easy movement.

Summer dresses

Sneakers with cute floral dresses is a perfect summer attire. Pair that with a parka jacket and a sling bag and you are sorted for the season.

Knit sweaters and dresses

Boots are ever so classy and chic in the winter. But what is comfortable in cute and comfy in all that cold is a pair of sneakers.

An asymmetrical maxi dress

Maxi dresses are an epitome of effortless and comfortable dressing. And what goes well with comfortable dresses? Comfy shoes. That and a large tote bag paired with huge glares.