ICW 2018: Shilpa Shetty prays there are no malfunctions every time she walks the ramp

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You would think that after walking the ramp more often than many professional models, Shilpa Shetty Kundra would have grown bored. The hours spent on the make-up chair, multiple dress fittings and the same walk around the ramp could become tiresome for others, but she still finds it exciting. The actor charmed everyone as the showstopper for fashion designer Amit Aggarwal’s collection on the third day of the India Couture Week 2018, presented by Hindustan Times with the Sunil Sethi Design Alliance.

Shilpa said she finds being part of fashion shows exciting as there is a lot of pressure on her to not fail the designer. “There are a lot of expectations and butterflies in the designer’s stomach while they wait to see how the collection has been received. So I feel there is a certain onus, I think that’s the only thing that puts a bit of a pressure on me — that I should live up to their expectations and do the garment justice,” she said. “That’s the only thing that I am thinking about while I am walking the ramp, and I am just praying and hoping that there should be no malfunction,” she added.

Amit draped her in a gorgeous plum dress that was inspired by the traditional saree. The gorgeous plum outfit complemented Shilpa and her beautiful complexion. When asked on what occasion would she wear the outfit, she laughed and said she would create the occasion by herself.

Though her outfit was probably the most edgy and quirky one from the collection, Shilpa said that the only constant thing about her personal style statement is her love for simplicity. “Even if it is a simple cut and it suits my body, I will wear it. I really like to be original, rather than follow a trend blindly,” she said.

Shilpa also praised Amit for his gorgeous designs, and said she would love to wear any of the other garments from his collection. “I really think he brings out all the colours in a woman; it is so flattering,” she said.