Rihanna-lookalike Renee Kujur on her experience as dark-skinned model in 30s

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Rihanna,Renee Kujur,Rihanna lookalike

Renee Kujur from Chhattisgarh went viral a few weeks ago . Several Rihanna fans hit the retweet button and agreed that she resembled their favourite star. Now a Delhi resident, Kujur will be one of the star attractions at the ongoing India Couture Week.

But it hasn’t been an easy run for the 33-year-old Kujur in the modelling industry. Her dark skin was a big hurdle until she decided to use it in her favour. She changed her Instagram handle to ‘badgirlrenee’ and cashed in on her resemblance with Rihanna. She started getting more projects and appreciation, but her age was still a barrier.

“I started my modelling career when I was 28, when some people think that we should take retirement…people started saying that at this age you should get married, have babies, sit at home. But no, I have seen a dream and I will definitely fulfill it. Then I shared my portfolio with many big agencies and they liked my pictures, they liked my beauty. They called me as well on the phone…but after I told them my age, they didn’t meet me or see me,” she told HT.

“If there is a shoot out of station, they select me through my profile but when I send my ID card, they would look at my age and reject me. I have seen so many rejections just because of my shoots,” she said. “They must think that because she is 30, she must have wrinkles or look old. Maybe she PhotoShopped her pictures to look young,” she added.

Kujur accepts to hiding her age to not lose out on opportunities. “When I gave my first interview, to HT City, I told them I was 23 years old and everyone believed it. I revealed my real age in two days and I was suddenly 10 years older while being the same person,” she said.

However, Kujur loves the attention she is getting now. “This is the day when everybody is dying to see me,” she says as she breaks into a hearty laugh.