Deepika Padukone Makes A Strong Case For Stripes – Again

Style Statement


We haven’t spotted Deepika Padukone as much as we’d like to, off late – and we sure have missed the dimpled beauty. But thankfully for us, and for the myriads of other fans that Deepika Padukone has, she was spotted last night in Mumbai after a bit of a paparazzi hiatus. As goes with all her appearances, Deepika made a style statement in a fashion that is true to her – simple yet trendy. Deepika never fails to make an impression with her sartorial choices, no matter how casual and basic they may be. If there’s anyone you can trust to look fabulous in a plain t-shirt and jeans or just in track pants and sneakers, it would definitely be Deepika Padukone.

Last night, Deepika stepped out for dinner with friends in Mumbai, wearing a grey and white stripe dress. Her dress had a knotted blue panel along the waist. Deepika paired her chic dress with a pair of white sneakers. How anyone can look that amazing in an outfit that understated, only Deepika would know.

Deepika seems to have a very special place for stripes in her life, or at least in her wardrobe. We don’t make that statement lightly. Seriously, we see Deepika sport outfits with stripes way more than we see her wear anything else.

Remember the time when Deepika wore this stunning candy stripe dress from Tome NYC for a press interaction at The Cannes Film Festival in May this year? Well, we certainly can’t forget this look.

Deepika’s love for stripes may have still been contested if the Padmavat star hadn’t chosen to wear a saree with stripes. During Padmavat promotions back in November, Deepika chose to wear a white and gold striped saree from Raw Mango.

A few months later, Deepika was once again spotted in a striped saree, but this time it was a red and white candy striped saree from Sabyasachi.

Are you convinced about stripes being one of the coolest patterns? Looking at Deepika Padukone and her love for stripes, we’re definitely sold.