Men, add some fun to your wardrobe with these vibrant prints


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If you are the kind of person who likes to experiment and innovate sartorially, it is time to refresh your wardrobe. Put aside your stripes and checks and try on these super cool prints this season.

Palm prints: Palm prints are typically associated with Hawaii trips and travelling. The constant hot and humid climate calls for some cool and fresh vibes, even if you’re not travelling, you can have a dash of greenery around you via palm printed shirts. A half sleeve palm printed shirt can be paired with shorts and sneakers and there you are, Mr Uber Cool.

Geometric prints: Geometric prints are peppy and sober at the same time. This is easy to incorporate and fits best from casual to formal wear. From quadrilaterals to triangles to circles to some crazy shapes, these are immediate eye catchers. A white geometric printed shirt paired with denims is good to go!

Ombre prints: An ombre denim shirt is a perfect alternative to ditch block prints this season. With monsoon right here, the gradual blending of one colour hue to other is a perfect match to your dark blue denims. It also gives a lot more room to do an ombre with multiple colours in it instead of using just a monochromatic colour scheme.

Conversation prints: Well, if you’re a person who likes to experiment with fun in your styling, then conversation prints are just for you. The season’s best and a must-have for men. This quirky pattern can be of animal print, your favourite cartoon or random things like fries, umbrellas, flags and what not. So choose from an array of unconventional patterns, put your reading glasses on and join the fun ride.

* Patch work shirts: It was originally invented to use the scraps of fabrics and now have become a trendsetter. Denim patches undoubtedly looks best. In fact, nowadays more and more brands are creating patched shirts that consists of printed fabrics. These are super casual, season friendly and give an edgier vibe.