Sayani Gupta shares her style file

Style Statement


Sayani Gupta shares her style file (Sayani Gupta's Official Facebook Page)Sayani Gupta shares her style file (Sayani Gupta’s Official Facebook Page)
“Fashion blunders? What’s that?,” says Sayani Gupta.

Fashion to me is: Very personal.

A word that describes me best:Quirky.

As a person, I am: Warm, unpredictable, blunt and instinctive.

My sense of style: Fun, classy, quirky.

5 essentials of a woman’s wardrobe: Great lingerie, good shoes, irresistible fragrance, comfortable pyjamas, and a pair of white shirt and blue denims.

3 things I never leave home without: Phone, house keys and wallet.

A priceless possession I’ll never want to give away: Two sarees I inherited from my grandmother and maasi.

My ideal outfit for-
A fun party: A play suit or dress with comfortable dancing shoes.
A formal work setting: High-waist formal pants and a classic top/shirt with a jacket.
A casual day out with friends: Shorts, T-shirt and sneakers.
A hot date: A backless dress.

My shopping strategy: Pick up what jumps at you at the first sight.

My fashion icons: Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe. They were just too comfortable in their skin.

A valuable beauty tip for women: Sleep well and feel good about who you are. You will automatically look charming.

My favourite style trick: Wear what you feel good in. And don’t follow trends. Ever.

A fashion trend I cannot stand: Animal prints.

My brand fixation: I love UniQlo.

Essential pairs of shoes every woman must possess: Pretty flats, smart pair of closed shoes, and comfortable heels.